20. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cuts One,Two AND Three!!

Wow! OMG! Crikey! Or as Great Grandma Josie would say, Jimmeny crickets!

I never would have thought that within 5 hours of setting the challenge, I would have not one, but three haircuts to reveal!! Already, I have a new member of ‘The Good Team’ – the revered Dr Annette Connolly (Sanders).  I went to high school with Annette and we studied medicine together for four years until I decided to have a couple of years off to travel and generally run amok. Annette is now a top class paediatrician.  Since finishing medicine, I think we’ve only managed to catch up at our 10 and 20 year high school reunions, but we exchanged numbers at the 20 year reunion and we’ve been texting often.  Thank you Annette! I’m very excited; the more people who join my team, the more people there are to take it in turns to piggy back me if I can’t make it.

My team has also received a $525 in donations, including a massive $200 from two different people!  These people have chosen to remain anonymous on the donation page but I know who you are.  Thank you!!  Every donation counts, so don’t feel you need to donate $200, although you can if you really want to.  With a total of $525 in donations already, we are now only $75 away from hair cut number 4! There sure are a lot of exclamation marks in this post!!

I forgot to mention in the previous post that I had kick started my donations with $50, as has Jenni and that all donations over $10 are tax deductible.  I also miscounted the number of dodgy hodgy chemo cuts.  There are actually twelve, not eleven. And, most importantly I forgot to mention that in doing this walk, I am also supporting my favourite sister-in-law, Amanda, a breast cancer survivor. I have updated the previous post to reflect this.  Bloody chemo brain.  Gets me all the time!

So, here they are, the dodgy hodgy chemo cuts number one, two and three!


Number 1. A simple fringe.


Number 1 again, a front on view.

I know, it’s just a fringe.  Not that exciting. But when you’re not about to cut all your hair off, having a fringe is a huge decision!  The last time Kelly cut my hair, we talked about a fringe.  I said I wasn’t ready. Hilarious really.  At the time I said I wouldn’t get a fringe at the next hair cut which had been booked in for 31st August, because that would be right before I was going to Bali and a fringe in a humid environment would be quite annoying! As it turned out, I didn’t go to Bali anyway, so we did a fringe which lasted for for at least 10 minutes.  Such an easy decision really.  I don’t mind it actually so I might even go the fringe when my hair grows back.

Here is number 2.


Number 2. A long bob.


Number 2 from the back.


Number 2. Creative photography.

Just a bit off the length for number 2.  I don’t mind that one either but shorter hair might mean more regular appointments with Kelly when my hair grows back.

And here is number 3.


Number 3. A shorter bob. The fringe has survived all three haircuts!


Number 3 from the back and in the mirror.

So there you have it.  Three dodgy hodgy chemo cuts.  Perhaps not as interesting as you were hoping but they do get better as we go even shorter.  Thank you again for your support.  Once again, I am completely gobsmacked and overwhelmed. Don’t forget, we’re just $75 away from number 4!

14 thoughts on “20. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cuts One,Two AND Three!!

  1. Gosh you are busy. I don’t think that the haircuts are dodgy at all. I really like the fringe. Def chemo brain effecting you, you might have to slow down Baker. I’m confused a little with this walk maybe I should go back and click ‘here’ you show off, but, are you going to walk 60ks? Oh and btw that weekend is Jasper’s first birthday and you know what my family is like about first birthdays (just kidding you have a leave pass and the other Baker). Good luck walking 60ks tho wtf is that?!?

    • Dodgy Hodgy is just because it rhymes like shitty tittie. The walk is 60km over two days (30 km each day). Jasper is the 6th boy in your family so surely they are over first birthday parties for boys. If not, we’ll see you somewhere in Melbourne after an early morning party for Jasper. You might just have to jog the first few km to catch up. Or you can run the last few to get back for a late afternoon party on Sunday.

  2. Love the fringe Melissa,where do you find the time and the energy to fit some much into your busy life…My friend Roma at work came in to work last week without her wig…..she has gained much strength from your blog…keep strong my fav niece……Your Fav Aunt

  3. Mel,
    I have been following your blogs since day 1 and the admiration I have for you just keeps on growing. Your courage and strength throughout all of this is amazing. You have re confirmed for me just how precious life is and the people in it.
    It has also made me appreciate my work more as a nurse looking after patients in a similar situation to you.
    I would love to donate to ‘The Good Team’.
    I think Grandma would be wrapped if she knew she got a mention in this one!

  4. Ha Ha I just read this and am stoked there are other team members as well including Ms Sanders. Should be a blast!!!!!!! I think you need to change the rules. Youre the captian and youre a doctor so you can do anything. 500 bucks or 1k for each reveal. With all those relos you’ve got, you’re a shoe in for 1k each haircut! lol

  5. A great response Mel! I like the fringe too. I’m going to save my donation to uncover what we would look like as twins! x

  6. I like the fringe too. We should have taken a photo of us both so we could be twins with fringes! I agree with Lisa, you probably need to up your reveal limit. Looking forward to doing this walk with you crazy lot. Your blog is making my house dirty. I can’t stop reading!!! x

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