19. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge

Anybody who is following Lisey’s journey will think this sounds remarkably similiar to her ‘Shittytittie Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge’.  Well it is.  I am blatantly copying her fabulous idea, but I have her permission. For those who don’t know what Lisey did, click here to read about it.  Lisey came up with the awesome idea of getting a few hair cuts in quick succession prior to cutting it all off. She decided to take control of the hair loss herself and not let chemo and cancer dictate it’s effects to her.  She found it quite empowering and judging by the photos, she had a lot of fun doing it.  But she didn’t stop there.  She challenged people to make a positive change to their lives and every time 10 people told her of something they’d done, she’d reveal a new hair cut.  Over 100 people contacted her.  Truly amazing and inspirational.  She put together a clip of all the haircuts once they’d been revealed, which you can enjoy by clicking here and playing the video. I will warn you now, you won’t be getting a video like that from a technological retard like me, unless of course Lisey or Cousin Lisa, who has recently displayed her talents, wants to do one for me.  I probably also won’t come up with creative names for my hair styles, but feel free to come up with names of your own.

I thought it was such a great idea and it looked like fun (and having fun is important when you have cancer!), so I decided to copy.  When it was time to cut my hair off, on Friday 23rd August, my hairdresser was ready.  She’d been pre-warned by Jenni, that this is what I wanted to do.  My challenge is a little bit different to Lisey’s though.  Since I am copying her idea, I thought I would raise money for the hospital she was treated at and for the cancer she has been inflicted with.  I will be participating in the ‘Walk to end women’s cancer’ which will raise money for the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to remember those lives we have lost to breast or gynaecologic cancer and to celebrate the lives we are saving. Proceeds will provide vital funding to research and clinical care at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia’s only public hospital solely dedicated to cancer, and home to Australia’s largest cancer research group. Read more about the walk by clicking here.

As much as I hate cancer of any kind, I think breast and gynaecological cancer is just wrong! Your ovaries provide the eggs to create your children which develop in your uterus and feed from your breasts (usually).  Then these breasts, ovaries and uteri (that’s the pleural of uterus) try to kill you, sometimes even before you’ve had children, and are too often successful.  It’s wrong! So, although I don’t have a women’s cancer as such, I still have a cancer that women can get and I am very happy to raise money for this cause.  I am doing it in support of three people: Lisey, Amanda and Barb. Amanda is my sister-in-law and a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40 and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. As a member of the cancer club, she has been a great support to me on my adventure. Barb is Jenni’s mother-in-law and she was very recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She has completed three cycles of chemotherapy and will be having major surgery in a couple of weeks.  So to cancer, I say “FUCK YOU!” (Sorry about the profanity Barb but I think it’s warranted).

The walk to end women’s cancer will take place in Melbourne on the weekend of 1st and 2nd March, 2014. Jenni is concerned that I might not be able to complete the walk.  She tells me that’s because it’s only two months after I finish chemotherapy (according to the current plan, I hope they don’t decide to throw in some radiotherapy) and I may not have recovered enough.  I actually think she’s concerned because I am not one to exercise and she probably doesn’t think I’m fit enough regardless of whether I’ve finished 12 bloody sessions of chemo or not.  I think it will be hard and I’m sure it will hurt, but I also think if I can survive that much chemo, I can do almost anything.  If I can do the walk, maybe a marathon is next. Just kidding! I might also add that I am taking the credit for Jenni being a fitness fanatic.  I made her come for a run with me about 20 years ago.  About half way into a short run, she turned around and walked home.  After that, she kept running and did  few marathons, but I stopped, with a few short lived stints of returning to running over the years.

In order to be eligible to participate in the walk, you have to raise a minimum of $2000. I have created a team which currently has two members; Jenni and myself.  Since I have the good cancer, I have called my team ‘The Good Team’. So what is the challenge for you? You have the option of either joining my team or donating money to my team.  I will reveal a haircut every time somebody joins my team or when the sum of donations received adds up to $200 (I hope that’s not too optimistic).

  • If you would like to join my team, send me an email or a text, or comment on this blog, and I will provide you with the password so you can join ‘The Good Team’.  Keep in mind though, that you have to raise $2000 in order to be eligible to participate. It is $2000 per person, not per team.  You also have to pay a $50 registration fee. Hence, joining my team is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Oh, and you also need to be able to walk 60 km in two days.
  • If you would like to take the simpler option of donating money, click here to be taken straight to my team page.  You can click on either Jenni or myself to donate.  You can only donate to an individual, not to a team. Otherwise, if you’re on the home page of the walk, click on donate and you can either search for ‘The Good Team’, or Jenni or myself by name.

I thank you in advance and in anticipation.  There is just one thing I need to tell you. When Lisey set her challenge, I just sat back and let everybody else do positive things to change their lives.  I didn’t contribute anything myself.  I thought about a few things but didn’t do them.  And I got cancer!  I’m not saying there’s a causal link there but you wouldn’t want to risk it would you?

So, on the evening of Friday 23rd August, I went to have my hair cut off.  I was supported by Jenni (chief photographer), her two children and my two children.   I wasn’t nervous or upset.  I was ready.  The hair loss was at the point where it was annoying and messy. I’m pretty sure Kelly, my beautiful and generous hairdresser (who is also hairdresser and friend to Jenni and many other close friends) was a lot more nervous than I was.  She told me thought I was going to be a mess and she had the tissues ready.  They weren’t required.  She kept asking me if I was sure about each cut, and kept doing that thing that hairdressers do when they make sure both sides are symmetrical.  I had to keep reassuring her that it didn’t matter, because I was only going to have the haircut for five minutes.


The last photo with long hair.


Here we go. I think you can tell I’m not scared.


Just making sure I’m sure about how much to cut off.

IMG_2934 2

The support crew! And Jenni behind the camera.

I had ten different hair styles in total; six with Kelly and another four a week or so later when it was time to shave it off completely.  There is an extra little bonus at the end so there are eleven Dodgy Hodgy chemo cuts in total to reveal.  What are you waiting for?  Start donating………….please.

Oh, and a huge thank you to Kelly (somebody I forgot to thank in the thank you post) for donating her time and generosity to give me six haircuts in about two hours.

8 thoughts on “19. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cuts Reveal Challenge

  1. Wow. My chest has just swelled. I’m so proud of you both. Yes I will donate. For you, Amanda and Karlene’s and my dearest friend Cathy that we lost to breast cancer last January. Go the Good Team.

  2. You are so amazing does that mean I get a mention?!!!
    You go girl and if there is anything
    We can do let us know, we are currently raising money for cystic fibrous as one of my besties daughter had it – any cause close to the heart is good
    Wheres the wig and I will double our donation…..

    • Congratulations cousin Turtle. You have now reached favourite cousin status as you are in the top 5 commenters! I will get Phyll’s wig from Jenni and I have her apron so I will take a photo just for you! By they way, it’s Phyll’s 100th birthday on Tuesday. I’m sure there’ll be a big party in heaven!

  3. I can’t believe I am am going to say this…I will join the team. Yes me who has not exercised in three years. Bit if Melissa can do it so can I.

  4. I remember joining the gym across from the high school with you Mel, don’t think either of us lasted the 6 week period we signed up for! You are truly amazing to do this &, as much as I’d love to join you, I’m going to have to make do with the simpler option of a donation as my fitness level is even worse than when we were at high school!!!

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