21. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cut Number 4

Well I’ll be!  I don’t know what else I can say that conveys how utterly shocked I am more than Jimmeny crickets!

Clearly the stakes need to change for these haircut reveals or they’ll all be out today.  I was initially going to reveal one for every $300 raised but Jenni convinced me that was too high, so I made it $200.  Lisey has suggested I up it to $500 or $1000. I might also have to consider not revealing one when somebody joins ‘The Good Team’ because it is growing rapidly! I’ll be piggy-backed the whole way at this rate.

There have been several donations since the revelation of cuts 1, 2 and 3 including $75 from someone obviously inspired by the last post when I said we were $75 away from number 4.  Thank you! There have been many other donations including one that can only be described as ridiculous!!!! But greatly appreciated. This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, donated $1000!! I know who this person is and I won’t say too much now for fear of giving away their identity, which could have repercussions, but they will get a mention in later posts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I don’t know what to say!! Hopefully the number of exclamation marks in this paragraph goes some way to conveying my gratitude!!!!!!

There are also a number of new team members who I will introduce to you:

  • The world famous Lisey from shittytittiebangbang.  Breast cancer arse kicker extraordinaire and the inspiration for this chemo cut challenge (because I copied her). I don’t need to say too much about her as hopefully you’ve all been reading her blog too. I’ve referred you there enough times! She’s my cancer sister and I am stoked beyond words that she is on the team.  I am also so very happy for Lisey because after starting her journey way back in January, a journey which has involved multiple operations (and no continuous subcuticular stitch for her), 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 5 weeks of (delayed) radiotherapy, she is finally approaching the end 10 long, horrendous and tumultuous months later.  I’m so glad she can finally put the treatment side of things behind her.
  • The divine Kate Maynard.  Kate is a sexy scientist and a great friend.  We met at work in Geelong when I started pathology training in 2004.  I left Geelong in 2007 but we have kept in touch and she even recently did the round trip from Geelong to my house and back in one day, with grand master poppet Jean, to visit and deliver an abundance of delicious home cooked food.  Kate is also doing this walk in honour of her mother-in-law who tragically passed away from breast cancer at the age of 52.
  • My favourite sister-in-law Amanda, also a breast cancer arse kicker extraordinaire. I spoke about Amanda (when I remembered!) in a previous post and said I was doing this walk in support of her.  Well now she’s doing it and she might end up supporting me when I jump on her back for a piggy back!

Go ‘The Good Team’.  I’m not sure that name really cuts the mustard but we’ll stick with it for now.

My mum is also thinking about joining the team.  No point thinking about things; life is too short.  In the words of a crazy Irish friend I met during my travels, “if you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up space”. So if you think Pam should join the team, give her some encouragement or a cyber kick up the backside! She’s worried about not being able to raise enough money so will need your support!

So here is the dodgy hodgy chemo cut number 4.  I am only revealing one for now as I actually have to dash off and do something cancer related – so inconvenient!


Number 4. Getting shorter now.


Number 4 from the side.


And from the back and in the mirror.

So there you have it. Four dodgy hodgy chemo cuts revealed.  I’ll reveal number 5 when I’ve done this cancer thing.

I’m sorry to change the stakes but we need to keep the donations coming as the team is growing. As team captain, I might set a new goal of having ‘The Good Team’ the highest fundraisers! From now on I will reveal a cut every time the sum of donations received equals $500 for Jenni and myself, or every time two people join the team.

To donate, simply click here.  This will take you to our team page.  Simply scroll down to see the members of the team and click on whoever you would like to donate to.  When you are on the page for that person, click on the big green ‘DONATE ONLINE NOW’ button.  It’s that easy.  If you’d like to make it a bit more difficult, go to http://www.endcancer.org.au and then you can search for our team (The Good Team, in case you’ve forgotten) or search for an individual by name.

If you want to join ‘The Good Team’, click on that ‘here’ button above, scroll down and click on ‘Join Team’. Let me know if you’re joining and I’ll give you the password.

Cousin Turtle, especially for you, I will add in an extra ‘haircut’ and make dodgy hodgy chemo cut number 13 a photo of me wearing Nana Phyll’s wig and apron. Happy 100th birthday for tomorrow Nana Phyll. Wish you were here!

Sally, we are only three haircuts away from our twin haircut. That is number 7. You might need to send me a photo of yourself so we can see if we really do look alike.

And finally to the President.  I think I’ll need to get on Facebook to keep an eye on you! I hear you are instructing all the wogs to donate to Jenni.  I think you are forgetting this is “all about me!” Just kidding, poor Jenni doesn’t have cancer and hence no cancer card, so she will need some help with donations. And in response to all those questions following that post about the wogs long ago; yes I am a wog (one quarter of one anyway) and proud of it!

11 thoughts on “21. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cut Number 4

  1. I love your number 4 haircut, it really suits you, looking forward to seeing the rest. We are enjoying all your updates on the blog. By the way you are a fantastic blog writer Mel & Paul xx

  2. Firstly. I have to say I love that haircut and my God I had to look twice you look so like Karlene. You must be related. Haha must be the wog blood.
    Secondly. Yes get your shrinking arse into Facebook I dare you.
    Thirdly. Poor Jenni does need all the help she can get cos I think you are now the Fav niece ( the cancer card and the bald head) will do that to the olds.
    But as ive said to them don’t care whose name they donated in just Do It.
    Pammie you would be awesome show those young things how it’s done. Go girl.
    Also Amanda if you can kick cancer you can do anything.
    Go Go Go “The Good Team”.

  3. YAY!!!!! I got a mention,……cant wait to see the picture in phyl’s wig – I remember we use to wear them when we were younger.
    Lets Go The Good Team…..

  4. I know how hard you are working to support Mel, Pam – and now you are considering joining the team – what a woman!! Come haircut 7 my donation will be going to you, should your name be a member of the Good Team!

  5. Well, yes I did suggest a $200 reveal limit because I thought that was high enough! My god, I never imagined not even 24 hours after the team was created that between us both we would have a total of $2315, purely from the kindness from people’s hearts (and wallets). And we haven’t even started fundraising. Perhaps we SHOULD set the goal of highest fundraising team, you know how I love a challenge! Holy crap!!!!

    P.S Lesley told me i was her favourite.


  6. Jenni I said not to tell anyone. Yes your my fav gorgeous. Jo is my fav Hot but Mel has the cancer card and it is all about her remember so I’m sorry she is my fav. So get over it. But if you have Boxing Day again that could change.

  7. Just want to say a very Happy Birthday to Phyll. She would be do proud of you Melissa. She was always so lovely to everyone and a favorite of the wogs. Dear Mrs Tom. Shine on your girl.

  8. Yes thanks everyone for the donations…I am amazed. Thank you all.
    I have also got offers of a support team on the day , Nursey Na. and her daughter Jami. I am sure they will be busy.
    I have also heard whispers of a fundraising home made Pizza night followed by a high tea afternoon…mmm. Thanks Mum, Dad and Kylie.
    Go Pam, this will be a walk in the park for you…and I am sure you will get enough supporters.
    Thanks Leslie for the support, I need it. I have really been digging my heals in when it comes to getting fit again. But enough is enough. If Melissa can do it while in treatment, I have no excuses.
    If I raise $2000 quickly then Bonnie will join the team also.

    See what you have started Jenni and Melissa! What a day!

    P.S. I am sorry Mel, I don’t think I will be much help in carrying you…but maybe I will lend you the wheel chair I have asked my support crew to bring…maybe!

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