25. Especially for Cousin Turtle

Cousin Turtle lives in WA and as you may have seen from her comments, she is working very hard to achieve ‘favourite cousin’ status. Cousin Turtle recently sent me a lovely gift of Victoria’s Secret products (fragrances and lotions, not lingerie!) and Napoleon lip gloss.  Thank you! She is also the daughter of fav auntie Karyn from WA who has called and texted often and just today I received a card from her with a Kit Kat taped inside. Cousin Turtle has made multiple requests for a photo of me wearing our beloved nana Phyllis’ wig and apron. I believe there may be a wedding in Perth in the near future, which will hopefully coincide with my remission tour, which cousin Turtle has volunteered to organise.


This is cousin Turtle.

Yesterday would have been Phyll’s 100th birthday so a few of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren got together for dinner, a cake, a few wines and a bit of reminiscing.  Uncle Max in WA even sent us a photo of the birthday card he bought for her.  As kids, we all loved Phyll and would stay at her place quite often (well the favourites anyway).  I would wear her pink apron, which I still have, and cook scones with her. We thought our nana was so cool, her nickname was ‘Trendy Gran’.

Here is the cake with the candles being blown out by some of Trendy Gran’s great grandchildren.

So, especially for you cousin Turtle.  Here I am in the wig (which now resembles a wig from the wig library) and apron.


Anyone for scones? I think the dog would like some.

And since you kindly donated to your favourite auntie Pam, she has come to the party too!


Any resemblance?

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of some other members of the family, mostly taken at another family occasion. I am sure they will all be pleased to have made it to the blog too!



photo copy 3



Uncle Noof (Doug)

photo copy

Cousin Noof (Sonya). Nice facial expression!

photo copy 4

Cousin Chris

photo copy 2

Cousin (in-law) Emma

photo copy 5

Cousin Cheynekins

photo copy 6

And a fuzzy cousin (in-law) Jo

Notably absent is fave sis Jenni so I will have to get a photo and post that later.

There you go Turtle.  I hope that has put a smile on your face. The dodgy hodgy chemo cut number 8 will be coming soon.

8 thoughts on “25. Especially for Cousin Turtle

  1. Melissa you are amazing !! I look forward to your blog everyday and I have shed many tears reading them !! You are truly an inspirational woman xxxx

  2. I absolutely love it – you all have made my day and that’s the apron I was hoping you would wear.
    guess I cant elope now!!!!! Ash just needs to pop the question hahahaha…..
    I hope fav aunty pam made rum balls and peppermint log.
    big hugs and kisses

  3. That was brilliant. Brought back a lot of memories of “Mrs Tom”. The fund raising get togethers at the farm in Loch in particular.
    She was a real sweetie. No doubt she is passing on strength and love to you Melissa.

  4. I know my cousin is fully aware of how much i dislike social media – however – I do now understand the benefits of such. I don’t use Facebook
    (appropiately) so I guess now I will have to so i can raise enough money to privledge my cousin with my company on the day. I don’t even understand
    who reads this!!! I will educate myself so i can be there to support my tough as nails cuz on this very special day. I will not whinge about the big walk
    and i will not complain if it’s 40 degrees, after seeing what you have to endure it would be pathetic! Let me tell you (anyone if you’re reading this),
    chemo is nothing like I imagined. I had “heard” it wasn’t very nice and you may be tired, nauseous and lose your hair – it is so much more than that.
    I wish I could say it has it’s ups but I haven’t seen one yet (apart from the awesome hair do’s I suppose)… If I could cop a chemo session for you i would
    so as I can’t I will walk very proudly with you instead. love you Cuz xxx

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