26. Lost for words

Well, I am all out of words to express how surprised I am, so I am moving on to pictures.

images          images-1

The donations continue to roll in. Since creating ‘The Good Team’ on Sunday with two members, we now have 9 signed up members and another one on the way. We have also raised over $6500!

Check this out peeps! Taken straight from the end cancer website.  Play close attention to number 1 and number 6, both of whom have raised more money since this was published. We are aiming for 1 and 2 tomorrow and our youngest recruit, Daisy, is hot on our heels and is likely to be in the top 10 tomorrow too.  Go ‘The Good Team’.


The newest additions to ‘The Good Team’ are:

  • My mum, Pam, or Whamma as she is also known.  I don’t need to say too much about Pam, as if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know what an amazing support she has been.  She is reliving her youth running around after my 18 month old son and wondering how she coped with four children of her own. Pam is doing the walk to support me of course, but also to support her daughter-in-law Amanda (also on the team) and her honorary daughter, Lisey (co-captain of the team). Pam lost both her parents and her auntie to cancer as well as a very special friend, Alan Cunningham. Her cousin Cherie is a breast cancer survivor. Pam has the title of the oldest member of our team and is therefore walking for Barb too (as we all are).  As a self-proclaimed “oldie” (we’re not arguing), Pam is hoping for the support of the oldies to help her reach her fundraising target of $2000.
  • The esteemed Dr Yeliena Baber, a fellow super intelligent forensic pathologist and very good friend.  Dr Yeliena is so good (so she is a perfect addition to ‘The Good Team’) she was head-hunted and she and her family emigrated from the UK three years ago to join the best forensic pathology team in the world. Yeliena is known for many things, among them, the strange noises, usually farts (of the cyber kind fortunately) that come from her office. Yeliena has a very strong personality and I know she won’t take no for an answer when she asks people to donate. Welcome to the team love!

There are no men on our team! Who is going to be the first? Men have wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, nieces and female friends so I know they want to support this great cause and they are very welcome on our team. There is too much oestrogen on our team and that is not good for breast cancer so we need some men who can consider themselves the tamoxifen of ‘The Good Team’.

The financial contributions are many and I want to thank every single one of you. I sent an email to work colleagues today, asking for donations or new members, and within about half an hour we had a new member (Dr Yeliena) and $300!


Even Taylor Swift couldn’t believe the response!

As much I would love to thank everyone individually (and I will via email), there is one person I must mention now, and that is April.  April is a work colleague and unfortunately another member of the cancer club.  I don’t know exactly how old she is but I am guessing around my age. I was going to say too young to go through cancer, but what age is not too young or too old? Until recently, April and I hardly exchanged more than a friendly smile or hello as we passed each other in a corridor at work but now we exchange emails and I think we have a bond we probably wish we didn’t.  April was ready to sign up to join ‘The Good Team’ but unfortunately she has another commitment that weekend so she donated money instead.  So April, we are all walking for you too!

I apologise as dodgy hodgy chemo cut number 8 is well overdue and number 9 is now due too. I just have to have a bit of chemotherapy first (that is, update you on my third hit of chemo which I had before the last few haircuts). It’s been so much fun revealing haircuts and fundraising over the last few days, I almost forgot that the reason I am doing this blog is because I have cancer.

In the meantime, please keep the donations and new members flooding in.

To donate, simply click here.  This will take you to our team page.  Simply scroll down to see the members of the team and click on whoever you would like to donate to.  When you are on the page for that person, click on the big green ‘DONATE ONLINE NOW’ button.  It’s that easy.  If you’d like to make it a bit more difficult, go to http://www.endcancer.org.au and then you can search for our team (The Good Team, in case you’ve forgotten) or search for an individual by name.

If you want to join ‘The Good Team’, click on that ‘here’ button above, scroll down and click on ‘Join Team’. Let me know if you’re joining and I’ll give you the password. There were two members of ‘The Good Team’ at it’s inception only 3 days ago.  We now have 9 and I believe a 10th is not far away.  Many more are welcome, especially men!

27 thoughts on “26. Lost for words

  1. Isn,t it great everyone getting together for a great cause well done Melissa & gang so can you put me down I won’t be the oldest but not far behind I lost a good mate & work colleague last year through cancer he was only 42 & my friend bill a few years ago so like most we walk for a few see you in march

    • Uncle Max, why haven’t you referred to yourself as fav Uncle Max? Please refer to the text message I sent you as it would not be appropriate to write that here. Bloody good to have you on ‘The Good Team’. Two uncles from WA on the team! What a commitment. Should I tell you now that you could have done the walk in Perth? Wouldn’t be the same though would it?

  2. This is so awesome. Pam is so amazing and at her age!! Joke Pam. We the “wogs” are very much aware of what a great mum she has always been and the Granny of the century to the hundred grand kids she has and always has one on her hip. Best example to all us Grans/Nannys.
    You and your siblings could not help but turn out to be the caring, loving and supportive people you are. Keep up the fantastic job you are doing. I’ll be the loudest supporter on that weekend. Very proud Preso. Xxx

  3. Hi fav cuz (better make that equal fav cuz) Saw you were looking for blokes to join the team and also someone older than Pam. I qualify on both counts – so count me in. Now I’m off for a walk!

  4. OMG!!! This is turning into a family get together. We’ll done Uncle Max. Very brave man to walk with us girls. Melissa, look at the influence you have on our family. President Lesley what do you think – Melissa for President of the Tommo’s? This is amazing. I’m speechless, just this ONCE! X

  5. What!!! I just read that Papa Russ is in too! This is simply amazing. We’ll done you two old fellas (joke). Now the pressure is certainly on Uncle Noof. How much of an arsehole is he going to look when he chooses bowling over walking with us? Phyll would certainly be very proud. X

  6. Well done to my “older” brothers & sister. It certainly has become a family affair. Yes Jenni, as you told me last night you are very funny.

    • It’s OK Uncle Noof. I understand your priorities; supporting your team mates in lawn bowls vs supporting your niece with cancer. Tough one. And lawn bowls? Who would believe you are the youngest sibling! You’ve shown your support in other ways so you’re still my fav Tomo VIC uncle. You’ve commented often and you shaved your head to support me…..or did you just go bald and was it me who supported you there? As long as there is one representative from your immediate family in the walk, you’re off the hook.

    • it is probably wise that Uncle Doug doesn’t do it – he will need to be on standby for the others……they are not young anymore. hahahaha
      Papa Russ has started training for this event……..

  7. Good you are a Dr Melissa, you may have to revive a few of these old people. Only a joke I have such admiration for the way your family have jumped in boots and all to support the little girl they love.
    Yes Jen I think she would be an amazing President Tommo. These blogs prove she has the communication skills required. Am feeling very inadequate at not being able to join the Team but the way my knee is clicking and aching you may all be visiting me in Hosp for the knee replacement. Good luck all. Xxx

  8. I have spoken to my very good friend and fellow bowler Ryan, who runs a Bakers Delight. He is a real goer and when I told him the story of the walk he immediately pledged to help organize a fund raiser to help get someone over the $2000 line. He is a good man.

  9. OK the invasion from the West is on the way…Booked our flights and the old boy and I are walking every night…I am stocking up on first aid products just in case….Cant wait to be part of your walk…Hope that wheel chairs are at the ready just in case Russ cant make it….HAAAAAAAA Hey Brad…dad and I need a bed that weekend …Keep our room free along with ice packs and blister cream

  10. I have a wheelchair I’ll be happy to hire out to highest bidder, just have to tip the old lady out of it and it’s available. That was a bit mean. Ok it’s free to the first to fall.

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