28. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cut Number 8

OK. Back to the fun stuff. Before I reveal cut number 8, a quick recap on the status of ‘The Good Team’ and our fundraising efforts. Great to see Dr Connelly off the mark, with some funds in her account. Amanda’s balance is slowly but consistently rising, Kate is making progress and Pam got off to a good start but appears to have done a hammy. Jenni has been working hard and our youngest recruit, Daisy, is looking like being the number 1 draft pick! Check out the status of the top weekly fundraisers today. I draw your attention to numbers 1, 7 and 9. Three members of ‘The Good Team’ in the top 10! Nice work team (and of course donors) BUT, these same three people have received no further donations today. No room for complacency!


We also have another two new members, both my uncles and both amazingly making the trip from WA to walk with ‘The Good Team’.  What a tremendous show of support for their favourite niece.

  • Uncle Russell. My godfather. Also known as Unca Russ (but I can’t remember why, I’m sure someone will enlighten me in a comment). A talented sign writer in his younger days, a talent which I’m sure hasn’t left him. Unca Russ now takes over the title of the oldest member of the team, and also the first man to join the team.  Finally some tamoxifen to block all that oestrogen
  • Uncle Max. Affectionately known as Uncle Fucker. Whilst being the first man to commit to joining our team, he was pipped at the post by his older brother who signed up first. Uncle Max never forgets a birthday but is happy to argue with you about the age of your children. Uncle Max was a caring older brother to his sister; he kicked her in the mouth when she was about 10 years old breaking her front tooth.  He will be easy to spot on the team. He’ll be the one with the towel over his shoulder to blow his nose on.

Welcome to the team boys!! Both have opened their fundraising accounts already. After being in existence for four days, ‘The Good Team’ has already raised over $7000!

And a recap on the previous haircuts from the starting point to cut number 7 in the space of about 2 hours.


The remaining cuts go from cut number 7 above, to a shaved head.

So, here is the dodgy hodgy chemo cut number 8; my attempt to look like Pink which I have to say was very unsuccessful as my hair is not blonde or pink, it was too short and I look nothing like her.




I probably should have tried to pull a rock star face in one of those photos.

Please keep the donations and new members coming.

To donate, simply click here.  This will take you to our team page.  Simply scroll down to see the members of the team and click on whoever you would like to donate to.  When you are on the page for that person, click on the big green ‘DONATE ONLINE NOW’ button.  It’s that easy.  If you’d like to make it a bit more difficult, go to http://www.endcancer.org.au and then you can search for our team (The Good Team, in case you’ve forgotten) or search for an individual by name.

If you want to join ‘The Good Team’, click on that ‘here’ button above, scroll down and click on ‘Join Team’. Let me know if you’re joining and I’ll give you the password. There were two members of ‘The Good Team’ at it’s inception only 4 days ago.  We now have 11 and two more have committed but have not yet officially signed up.  Many more are welcome.

Dodgy hodgy chemo cuts 9 and 10 are quite similar so will be revealed together. These are the mohawk cuts. All that is required is a further $345 in donations or those two people who have promised to join coming through with the goods. Every dollar counts so you don’t have to donate a huge amount. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “28. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cut Number 8

  1. Uncle fucker here I must be crazy the things we do but it’s all worth it,I don’t kick now & I’ve got rid of that towel would you believe I use a hankie thank you very much your fav uncle

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