29. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cuts Numbers 9 and 10


A bit of housekeeping before the haircuts.

There has been a minor and very necessary change of structure to the team and to the name of the team. My dear friend and cancer sister, Lisey, is co-captain. I copied Lisey by getting cancer, I copied her by doing a blog, and I copied her by getting a huge number of chemo cuts and releasing them on my blog for a good cause. Lisey is the main reason I am doing this walk; to raise money for the hospital she was treated at and for the cancer she has just finished being treated for. She started her journey six months before I started my adventure (I wish I’d found my cancer earlier!) and has been the most unbelievable support and friend to me so there is nobody I would rather do this walk with……..apart from every other bloody awesome member of OUR team!

‘The Good Team’ was so named because of the name of my blog; I got the good cancer.  Lisey’s blog is called Shittytittiebangbang. So the new name for the best team in the walk is……………

The Good Tittie Team

Lisey is a bit concerned about what the tamoxifen of our team (Russell and Max) will think of the name but I think they’ll be proud to walk amongst some good titties. Eyes on the road boys and don’t trip over!

Lisey is not fortunate enough to have the insanely supportive family with so many cousins, aunties and uncles all vying for the title of favourite, that I have, so we are adopting her and taking her in as one of our own.  She told me today that she has always wanted to be a wog, so a wog and a Tomo she is!

The donations are still trickling in, especially to the newer members of the team, and Daisy, so we have now raised a staggering $8675 in five days. Today, we still have three members of our team in the top 10 fundraisers for the week, a pretty phenomenal achievement.


We also have two new members of ‘The Good Tittie Team’ who I have great pleasure in introducing to you:

  • Fav cousin Sonya. Sonya good onya.  To tell you about Sonya would require a blog all of it’s own. She’s a natural blonde who does things like wartering artificial plants to try to impress her boss. All I can say is come to the closing ceremony to meet cousin Sonya. There is sure to be plenty of stories to tell. Jokes aside, cousin Sonya has been a great support throughout my adventure, calling often, entertaining my children, breaking champagne glasses (sorry, had to throw that one in) and cooking an abundance of meals which are always filled with love (and sometimes Giardia). She even changes my son’s nappy recently, despite it nearly making her vomit (and I have the video footage). Sonya loves a drink, just make sure you give her a plastic glass to drink out of. Sonya is very, very funny.
  • Luscious Lisa. Lisa and I went to the same high school, where she was (and still is) Jenni’s friend but we are now great friends. Fortunately Lisa has not offered to cook meals for me, well she has but I have declined as Lisa is known amongst our circle as the Paleo woman. Since saying something slightly inappropriate, in an effort to be funny, at the beginning of my adventure, Lisa has more than made up for it and is now walking with me. She is a fitness freak so will be able to do this walk hopping backwards with a blindfold on, but will she be able to do that and piggy back me? Well, she has been training for it.

IMG_1389         IMG_1390 2


Apparently Lisa has arranged to borrow this if I get too heavy and I apparently I forgot to post this haircut on the blog. I don’t even remember having it!

Dodgy Hodgy chemo cuts number 9 and 10 were quite fun and my brother-in-law, BT, showed tremendous support by getting a mohawk with me. Thanks BT.

Here is number 9:


Here comes the mohawk.


Matching mohawks. What a supportive brother-in-law.


From the top for a better look.


From the side.


And the token silly face. Do I look scary? No, it just looks like the sun is in my eyes.

And number 10, just a slight variation on 9.





Dodgy Hodgy chemo cut number 11 is a mere $45 away, or two more members of ‘The Good Tittie Team’. Surely that name change will encourage more of you to join! Cut number 11 is the completely shaved head, shaved on number one. I wish I’d known I was going to be dressing up as a punk a few days later before I shaved the mohawk off!

To donate, simply click here.  This will take you to our team page.  Simply scroll down to see the members of the team and click on whoever you would like to donate to.  When you are on the page for that person, click on the big green ‘DONATE ONLINE NOW’ button.  It’s that easy.  If you’d like to make it a bit more difficult, go to http://www.endcancer.org.au and then you can search for our team (The Good Tittie Team, in case you’ve forgotten) or search for an individual by name.

If you are planning to donate, but haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Do it now and keep us in the top 10. Who said we were competitive? If you’re not planning to donate, change those plans right now please!

If you want to join ‘The Good Tittie Team’, click on that ‘here’ button above, scroll down and click on ‘Join Team’. Let me know if you’re joining and I’ll give you the password. There were two members of ‘The Good Tittie Team’ at it’s inception only 5 days ago.  We now have 13!.  Many more are welcome.

15 thoughts on “29. The Dodgy Hodgy Chemo Cuts Numbers 9 and 10

  1. Def not a starter now that its the “good titties”. Don’t think I fit into that heading. Maybe droopy titties for me xxxx

  2. Love the photos and the Mohawk, one to keep in mind for the future. The new name is great , adds that extra bit of ‘attitude’. Great blog as always Mel!

  3. Keep the good work up ned great cause good to see your leading the way great work and your everybody’s insperration cheers

  4. thanks Princess – however I must clear a few things up!!! Whilst I am a little bit ‘fitness mad’ I am no way super fit nor will I be able to do this walk hopping backwards with a blind fold on – although it would be quite entertaining to others if I tried!
    Apologies to everyone for my pathetic cut and pasting skills in my photos!!
    Keep up the good work princess, and if you find any lose coins at home, send them my way!! I think Ill need all the help I can get – $2k seems like a long way away!!

  5. Amazed again. Gotta love the men in your life. BT. When you get sick of Jen I’m available. Looking forward to cuddling up on Easter Sunday. I’ll organise some games to cover it up.
    Lisey. It’s done, officially a wog, presidentially endorsed. It means your presence is required at family functions like Easter. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

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