31. Update on ‘The Good Tittie Team’

After the last frenzy of posts (14 in 10 days to be precise), it has now been almost three weeks since I’ve written anything. At the time of writing the last post, ‘The Good Tittie Team’ had been in existence for just one week and had accumulated 15 members and raised over $9000! Now, after just under 4 weeks, we have 28 members and have raised a staggering $26,236.05. We hit the top 10 fundraising teams like a tornado after about two weeks and have now rocketed our way up to number 4! And Cousin Sonya assures me that she is going to make a friend’s birthday gathering tonight all about me and get a lot of money donated. Happy Birthday Dahna!!

Seven members of the team have raised over $2000 and have therefore officially qualified to walk and five members have made an appearance in the top 10 fundraisers of the week at some point. We also currently have three members of our team in the top 100 fundraisers.

After one week, Jenni, Daisy and myself had raised over $2000. Yeliena Baber (fellow forensic pathologist) made the courageous decision to shave her head in an effort to raise money and it worked a treat! She got to $2000 within about a week and I also benefited as she was seeking donations from work colleagues, many of whom decided to donate to me at the same time as donating to her. Yeliena will have her head shaved at work on Friday 13th December. Lisey took full advantage of Yeliena’s rapid approach towards $2000 and pleaded with her friends on Facebook to not let Yeliena beat her to $2000. Lisey won! Yeliena was not far behind however and that made 5 officially qualified walkers. Next was Kate Maynard, who succeeded despite her pleas for donations from cashed up pathologists mostly falling upon deaf ears. The latest qualifier is Lisa Newitt. I will take some of the credit for that as after joining Facebook, I immediately threatened one of her brothers and then the whole family came through with huge donations.  Lisa also had some very creative fundraising ideas like sending a ‘swear bucket’ along on her boys’ footy trip.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. I joined Facebook!!! After years of stubbornly refusing to give in to the lure of social media, I did it. I actually wasn’t being stubborn, I just thought I didn’t have time for it, and I think I was right! Goodness me, what a time waster! But it has been fun commenting on many irrelevant and unimportant matters, stalking people and ‘catching up’ with old friends I haven’t spoken to for years. I’m even going to see (as in face to face) a couple of old friends I haven’t seen for about 15 years in a couple of weeks. So yes, I think Facebook is good. Excitingly, I think my venture on to Facebook encouraged two other fellow stubborn (busy) doctors and members of ‘The Good Tittie Team’ to get on board; Annette Connelly and Yeliena Baber. Yeliena has been so prolific with posts, likes and comments, I think she’s wondering how she ever managed without it!

Another good thing  about Facebook is that Lisey started a group on it which means that all the members of ‘The Good Tittie Team’ who are on Facebook have a little forum to communicate with each other.

My mum, Amanda and Papa Russ have been training hard, going for walks whenever they have a spare moment. Papa Russ has also designed the logo for our team uniform! It looks awesome but I’ll keep that a secret until our Tshirts are printed.


Papa Russ in training in Perth.

I will now introduce the next THIRTEEN members of ‘The Good Tittie Team’ (in the order they signed up). Thanks to Lisey for the introductory words on Kristy, Naomi, Josh, Michelle, Jenny and Anita

  • Kristy Horan and Naomi Jolly – these two ladies are members of the Bendigo chapter of ‘The Good Tittie Team’. Lisey was lucky to meet them as part of her mothers group 5 odd years ago when they all had their first children. Kristy had twins and Lisey remembers thinking ‘how on earth does she do it?!’ (I thought the same thing when Kristy told me she had twins). Both Kristy and Naomi commented that they felt they hadn’t supported Lisey enough during her journey so when they heard about this walk, they didn’t hesitate to jump on board and Lisey is thrilled they did. Kristy’s dad was also recently diagnosed with and treated for stomach cancer at Peter Mac so she is walking to support Lisey and to give something back to the hospital her father was treated at. Both Kristy and Naomi think Lisey is truly inspirational (as we all do). Kristy even went as far as saying Lisey is possibly the most amazing woman she has ever met. As I said to Kristy, she hasn’t met me yet!
  • Jean ‘the pocket rocket grand master poppet’ Payne – Along with Kate Maynard, who I have previously introduced, Jean is a super scientist from Geelong who I met in 2004 when I started my pathology training. Jean is so smart and in demand, she travels overseas to give lectures and she is an honorary doctor in Thailand! We have kept in touch since I left Geelong in 2007 and she has texted often, sometimes just a “xx”, during my adventure. Jean and Kate also made the round trip from Geelong to my place (about 400 km) and delivered an abundance of food and love! Jean is small in stature (and I’m pretty sure will have the title of shortest team member) but big in personality, strength, support and determination. She refers to everyone as ‘Poppet’, hence she has been dubbed the grand master poppet! Jean is doing this walk not only to support me, but also in honour of one of her best friends who she lost to ovarian cancer nine years ago.

I stole this from Jean’s Facebook page.

  • Josh Frederick – Josh was essentially Lisey’s bridesmaid at her wedding. He has always known who he is as an individual and been comfortable in his skin. Josh and Lisey have a great friendship with a common love of sharing music. He is a crazily, overly social creature who attracts friends like a magnet. He has always had a great love and understanding of animals. Lisey used to think he would become a zookeeper but it wasn’t meant to be. In recent years he finally entered the career he was destined to, as a kick arse prep teacher! Which I guess is a lot like a zoo.

Josh are Michelle Kavanagh (see below) are significant friends that Lisey has known since 1987, from their prepubescent days at school (with me), the era of dealing with zits, slumber parties, perms, of reading Cosmo, of gossip sessions, wearing long white socks, writing on those ridiculously hard to carry box woodwork pencil cases, and boyfriends. Michelle and Josh were some of the the first people Lisey went to with her cancer diagnosis and they jumped to be by her side coming to stay with her in the early days of diagnosis and supporting her at a triathlon back in January when she was in complete la la ‘dread dragon’ cancer land. She will never forget what they did for her this year, (along with others who haven’t yet been successfully coaxed into joining our walking team!)

  • Sally Todaro – I’ve spoken about Sally before when I dedicated dodgy hodgy chemo cut number 7 to her. As I forgot to point out in that post, Sally and I were born in the same hospital, one week apart, but we didn’t meet until 1987 when we, along with Lisey, Josh, Michelle and Annette, started high school together. She is one of the few people I have kept in contact with since finishing high school. She has been an amazing support during my adventure, visiting often to entertain my children, bring food (doesn’t matter if it’s not home made!) and she even tidies up my kids’ playroom! In fact, she visited me today. Sally made a very generous donation to kickstart my mum’s fundraising tally and then joined the team herself, apparently after being made to feel guilty by an ex-high school teacher. Sally is doing this walk in honour of her Nan and Beryl and many friends who have been touched by cancer. Alas, not even me having cancer is enough to get Sally on Facebook.
  • Andrea Pentz – I’ve known Andrea since the beginning of this year when our daughters started prep together. She’s been ridiculously helpful with school pick ups, drop offs, play dates, dinners (both providing them and going out for them). She’s always up for a laugh and a glass of wine and is one of those friendly people who will have everyone in the team worked out in about 5 minutes. Andrea’s mum went through breast cancer about 8 years ago so she is walking for her too. Andrea will do fundraising through the retail store she works at, where our team name probably won’t get a mention!
  • Michelle Kavanagh – (See above also) Michelle is the kind of person who always thinks of other people, remembers their birthdays, always offers her home to her group of friends and makes sure everyone is well fed and always offers Lisey and her family a place to stay when they visit Melbourne.
  • Jenny Dalgleish – Jenny is Michelle’s sister. She was in senior school, in the same year level as my ‘quiet in the blog comments department’ sister (ie. not Jenni, fav sis) when we were juniors and was part of the cool group of girls who we all looked up to! Lisa and I played with Jenny in the women’s ‘Cranny Crushers’ footy team. Jenny and I actually dated brothers many, many years ago (Jenny went on to marry the one she was dating) so I guess we sisters-in-law of sorts, once upon a time. Jenny and Michelle have had some immediate family members go through breast cancer recently, including their Mum and Auntie, so I’m sure the walk will hold some significance to them.
  • Lisa Waugh – the third Lisa of the team. I met Lisa and her husband Shane (who will probably join our team too and will be doing the graphic designing for our T-shirts) about 18 months ago when she was handed my one month old baby at swimming lessons (for my then 4 year old daughter). She’s one of those people you just click with straight away. So friendly, caring, supportive and understanding. She gave me a well researched cancer show bag before I started chemo, has listened to a lot of whining and drank a bit of wine with me. The funny thing is, she said she was going to get a T-shirt made for me saying “I got the good cancer” (before I started my blog). Guess we’ll have to settle for “The good tittie team” on a T-shirt instead. Welcome aboard Lisa the 3rd!
  • Cousins Cheyne and Jo Tomlinson – Cousin Cheyne is the youngest Tomo cousin and apparently the funniest! And that is a big call because the Tomo’s are all very, very funny. Jo is his beautiful wife and now also a cousin. They were so very kind getting married soon after I cut my hair off and so provided the occasion for my first outing as a scarved up cancer patient. Cheyne and Jo have also put Uncle Noof (former fav uncle) to shame by joining as he is now the only member of the family not walking, continuing to put bowling before me! There is also cousin Emma (Chris’ wife) who is not walking but her excuse is a little better than Uncle Noof’s! She’s marrying three people that weekend – she’s a celebrant, and a bloody good one!
  • Teresa Eastwood –  Teresa is also a super scientist from Geelong who I worked with, along with Kate and Jean. As I was writing about Jean yesterday (working on this post) I was thinking about the Friday lunches we used to have. These lunches always involved wine so I don’t think any of us were too productive on our return to work on Friday afternoons. This got me thinking about Teresa, as she was a regular attendee at these lunches. I remember telling Teresa when she was pregnant with her second child that I thought babies were boring. She laughed. I hadn’t had any children at that stage and I too would laugh now if someone told me they thought babies were boring. I haven’t seen Teresa since I left Geelong in 2007 but I heard she went on to have twins a few years after I left! So, having thought about Teresa just yesterday, I was very excited to see her name pop up as a new team member last night. Very happy to have her on board and bring the Geelong chapter of ‘The Good Tittie Team’ to four. Teresa thinks this walk is a great cause and is also looking to use it as a motivation for fitness!! 
  • Anita Weller – Anita is Michelle Kavanagh’s friend and their kids go to primary school together. Along with Michelle, Anita was there at the start of Lisey’s fitness quest last year and they ran some fun runs together. I am told Anita has two gorgeous boys.

So just to recap on the team stats. We have 4 Baker’s, 6 Tomlinson’s (so technically 10 from the same family), 3 doctors, 3 from Bendigo, 4 from Geelong, 2 from Perth, 3 over sixty’s, 2 mothers of twins, 3 who attended the same primary school, TEN who attended the same high school and 28 bloody awesome people raising good money and looking forward to having some fun.

Thank you, thank you thank you everyone for your very generous donations! Everyone has been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of their friends. I can hardly believe that I have raised $4625! Just $375 from my target of $5000. A mere $36 would have me at number 8 in the top fundraisers (hint, hint). We still have 21 people who are yet to reach $2000 which they require to be eligible to walk so if you can help anybody out with a donation, big or small, it will be greatly appreciated.

To donate, simply click HERE.  This will take you to our team page.  Simply scroll down to see the members of the team and click on whoever you would like to donate to.  When you are on the page for that person, click on the big green ‘DONATE ONLINE NOW’ button.  It’s that easy.  If you’d like to make it a bit more difficult, go to http://www.endcancer.org.au and then you can search for our team (The Good Tittie Team, in case you’ve forgotten) or search for an individual by name.

If you want to join ‘The Good Tittie Team’, click on that ‘here’ button above, scroll down and click on ‘Join Team’. Let me know if you’re joining and I’ll give you the password. There were two members of ‘The Good Team’ at it’s inception only four weeks ago.  We now have 28 and are the second biggest team walking!  More members are always welcome, but if you are thinking about joining please do it ASAP as our team uniforms will be ordered soon.

And don’t forget to order your stickers at http://www.myracecarsticker.com.au Remember, you can have whatever you like on your sticker. Check out the website for some ideas. I think they’d make great Christmas presents!

Ev, I haven’t forgotten you. Your time is coming.

Next post, back to reality!

2 thoughts on “31. Update on ‘The Good Tittie Team’

  1. Wow, we sure sound pretty impressive on paper! What a great team we have. I am really looking forward to the walk. Brendan will be very happy that you gave his “stickers” another plug!! Rest up Baker. xx

  2. Well done to every one who is taking part, Papa Russ has been training very hard for this event – you never know he might even run marathons again!!!

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