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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh Melissa I meet u today at look good feel good . With it beautiful sister . Im katie . I think ur amazing I lov ur blog . I’ve cried laughed cried and laughed again , to here it from a Dr point of view is amazing ur sence of humor cracked me up. All I can say is ur inspiring . And will include you in my prayers everyday . And ur family .
    As you said you couldn’t imagine how the patients in the public system cope with the waiting time every word u described about the stress , thoughts, I so relate to as im battling the public system and its tough . i feel blessed meeting you . Take care look forward to following ur blog, and kicking cancers arse with you xx

  2. Dear Melissa,
    Always knew you had what it takes, guts. Not only playing netball but obviously in all facets of what life hands you. Good or bad.
    I went out with netball friends last night and was talking about you. Old netball friends!!!!!!!!!!! Margo Dillon was very interested and then I found out that you were Kate’s bridesmaid. Many of your old coaches were there and all wished you well.
    Chin up and keep that sense of humor going.
    I will certainly remember you in prayer.

    Love Dawn Rand.

  3. Mel. I’m not sure if you are still reading this blog or posts but i wanted to try to find you. And of course you are not easily found (on Facebook!). I went camping in Sorrento last weekend and thought of you (or me really!). I remembered how drunk i got at your engagement party and tried to get home then I thought about your wedding and how I couldn’t come and wondered what you were up to. A random thought! Then today, I saw a post of you on Facebook from your channel 7 interview and this may have been very old old but it was shared by a friend who’s husband who received a stem cell transplant and although there was only a photo in the post I knew it was your face – and you look no different from my memories in “Hornsby”!!!! Anyway – I’d love to touch base with you at some stage if we can. My email is sarah.mcleod@optusnet.com.au

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